Timber Shore Public Input Session

Please join us virtually on March 18th, 2021 at 6:30 PM for a public engagement session about the upcoming Timber Shore project. Located at 78 Bridge Street, Pennrose Development will be redeveloping this parcel on Tonawanda Island.  Timbershore envisions a three-story, approximately 72,000-square-foot mixed-use building containing 70 units of affordable workforce housing along with ground floor retail space. This site will act as the linchpin to further development on the island, act as a connector to downtown, and is a great leap forward in realizing our North Tonawanda Momentum Master Plan. This community engagement process  will further inform the programmatic aspects of the Timber Shore mixed-use building, design, and orient stakeholder partnership building.


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"LCDC is one of the stars that shine the brightest out of the departments in North Tonawanda! They are vocal about opportunities that they have for funding and are knowledgeable about whether your business will qualify or not. [Laura] is always available as a resource and a guide. Every dollar and cent makes a big difference to the cash flow of a small business and LCDC understands that. Laura was able to get us in contact with another grant opportunity which changed the trajectory of our business plan for the better. Simply put, we would not be where we are now in just (almost) 5 years of being open if it wasn’t for the hard work of everyone involved with LCDC."

~Gabrielle Richards, Jason Richards, and Judith Mittiga, owners of The Vegan Grocery Store

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