“Art on Oliver Street”- Public Art Initiative

CITY OF NORTH TONAWANDA- The Oliver Street corridor, located within the City of North Tonawanda will soon become home to a public art initiative known as “Art on Oliver Street”. Art on Oliver Street will consist of various public art installations in hopes of re-activating the streetscape. Pedestrians on Oliver Street between Thompson and Wheatfield will soon be immersed in a walking art gallery, in which artists reproductions will be hung in approximately 24 windows of vacant and underutilized buildings. Art on Oliver Street will also include a large mural painted on the side of a building and a 3D window display.

“It is our hope that Art on Oliver Street will generate foot traffic, bring attention to these buildings, and showcase the talents of the local arts community” states Laura Bernsohn, Planning and Development Specialist at Lumber City Development Corporation.

The program is currently seeking artist submissions which will be reviewed by a committee comprised of the local arts community, community leaders, and business owners. All artists are encouraged to apply. Artwork will be installed in Spring 2019 and a public opening night celebration will occur in June.

Funding for this project was awarded to Lumber City Development Corporation through the OATH Community Benefit Fund for Niagara County.


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  Aaron Lelito "Turning into the Field" - Digital                 Audrey Dowling "Symphony in the woods" - Mixed Media       Barbara Rickard "Sno Princess" - Oil 

  Cassie Brooks “Flower Frenzy” - Acrylic                                              Angela C. "Cut & Tuck" - Acrylic                                        Chaitali Dekhtawala “Beautiful Home” - Mixed Media

 Chris Muranyi “Pink Lotus Flower” - Drawing & Raster                         Cindi O’Mara “Congestion IV” - Acrylic                                 Carlos Torres “Galloping White Horse” - Acrylic

 Dennis Reed Jr. “Riviera Theatre & Webster” - Watercolor    Frederick Duchow III “Good Day Sir” - Digital Drawing        Corey Bley “Dreamer” - Acrylic 

 Jacob Kedzierski “Streets of NT” - Photo            Joshua Miller “Karura” -  Wood, fabric, ink & acrylic          Jessica Riggi “Metamorphosis” -  Acrylic & modeling paste  

 Kath Schifano “From the Farm Market” - Pastel          Laurie Ann Sydorowicz “29 Ford” - Photography                          Lynn Pardee “Pink Daisies” - Watercolor               

   Linda Schutter “Betty’s Restaurant” - Oil                 Michelle Godfrey & Sarah Fierle “Faux Summer Sunflower” - Photography   Maria Laurendi “Two Boys & an Ipad” - Oil

 MJ Myers “Strawberry Island, Riverside Park” - Oil  Patti Mann "Windswept" - Water color & color pencil                        Philip Smolinski “The Bridge” - Pastel

 Sarah Heidinger “Blue & Metal” - Photo               Suzette Henry “Sturgeon Shale” - Oil & Plaster                          Tim Arnts “The Lumber City” - Watercolor 

 Thomas Matyas “Capriccio” - Oil on board                             Tracy McGehee “Rainbow Hematite Buddha” - Acrylic                                    Zona Lucia “Play with my hair” - Mixed Media 

 Zoe Zecher “Psychedelic Beats” - Oil pastel on canvas                 Mural by Chuck Tingley 





Click here for a Map of all locations!

  Location #1- 481 Oliver Street:                       Location # 2- 457 Oliver Street:                   Location # 3- 428 Oliver Street:          Location # 4- 408 Oliver Street:             Location #5- 351 Oliver Street:                               Angela C.-Cut & Tuck                                       Frederick Duchow III-Good Day Sir              Cindi O’Mara- Congestion IV                Chaitali Dekhtawala- Beautiful Home       Jessica Riggi- Metamorphasis

  Tim Arnts- The Lumber City                             Barbara Rickard-Sno Princess                         Corey Bley- Dreamer

                                                                                      Chris Muranyi-Pink Lotus Flower   

                                                                              Dennis Reed- Riviera Theatre & Webster c. 1940

                                                                              Zoe Zecher- Psychedelic Beats               


  Location # 6: 342 Oliver Street:                 Location # 7-238 Oliver Street:               Location #8- 230 Oliver Street:                                  Location # 9- 238 Oliver Street                Location #10- 230 Oliver Street                 Jacob Kedzierski- Streets of NT                   Aaron Lelito-Turning into the Field          Michelle Godfrey & Sarah Fierle- Faux Sunflower      Philip Smolinski-The Bridge                       Lynn Pardee- Pink Daisies

  Sue Henry- Sturgeon Shale                             Linda Schutter- Betty’s Restaurant             Maria Laurendi- Boys & an Ipad                                  Kath Schifano- From the Farm Market       Joshua Miller- Kurara

                                                                                Laurie Ann Sydorowicz-29 Ford Engine                                                                                   Carlos Torres- Galloping White Horse #1   Tracy McGehee- Rainbow Hematite Buddha

                                                                   Audrey Dowling-Symphony in the Woods                                                                                      MJ Meyers- Strawberry Island                     Zona Lucia- Play with My Hair

                                                                    Patti Mann-Windswept                                                                                                                     Cassie Brooks- Flower Frenzy

                                                                    Thomas Maytas-Capriccio                                                                                                                Sara Heidinger- Blue & Metal


Mural location:

540 Oliver Street - The Strand Theater 




                                                                                This project was funded through the OATH Community Benefit Fund for Niagara County