Helping to Grow North Tonawanda

Our mission is to undertake planning and implementation of programs, projects, and activities designed to create or stimulate economic and community development in the City of North Tonawanda and to reduce the burden of government by:


  • Creating employment opportunities for City of North Tonawanda residents, particularly those employment positions that pay a living wage, offer health, retirement, and other employee benefits, and provide skills training;
  • Increasing the property tax base of the City of North Tonawanda;
  • Increasing sales tax revenue in the City of North Tonawanda;
  • Encouraging and fostering entrepreneurship;
  • Strengthening and expanding existing businesses;
  • Bringing new businesses in to the City of North Tonawanda;
  • Revitalizing Downtown and other commercial shopping areas;
  • Stimulating tourism growth;
  • Encouraging the environmental remediation and reuse of contaminated property;
  • Promoting the development of land use policies designed to encourage development and preserve City neighborhoods;
  • Encouraging and supporting the development and maintenance of municipal infrastructure, recreational facilities, and other public facilities and services that support businesses and residential neighborhoods; and
  • Undertaking any other activities that affect the general purposes of the Corporation