Business Triumphs

For more than 10 years, Lumber City Development Corporation has worked hard to fulfill its mission of economically revitalizing the City of North Tonawanda.

Some of our measurable successes include:

  • $5,400,793  in loans to growing North Tonawanda businesses

  • $4,361,452  in business assistance grants

  • $43,000,000+ in private investment by local businesses

  • 140 existing jobs retained

  • 497 new jobs created

  • 41 new start-up businesses

  • 30 business expansion projects

  • 52 building and façade renovation projects

  • Secured $2.5 Million through Smart Growth Community Initiative for Downtown Placemaking Enhancements

These accomplishments are not just our victories, but also belong to the businesses that have decided to locate and grow in North Tonawanda over the past decade:

Click on any photo below to see before and after pictures and a summary of each successful project.

Remington Rand Redevelopment Project

Platter's Chocolates

Remington Tavern &

Seafood Exchange


88 Webster Street


Oliver Street Revitalization 


Aquasol Corporation


Webster's Bistro


        Ascension Industries, Inc. 





Audubon Machinery Corporation



Redevelopment of 62 Webster Street



Riviera Theatre Expansion Project


                          Prosper Brewing Company



                       Woodcock Brother's Brewery