Oliver Street Revitalization:





Lumber City Development Corporation has played an increased role in the revitilization of Oliver Street. Through the New York Main Street Program, with funding provided by the New York State Office of Community Renewal,  eight Oliver Street businesses recieved grant funding for building facade improvements in 2015. Encouraging Oliver Street investment though the New York Main Street Program and other mechanisms, will allow the corridor to become a thriving business district within our city. 

"Re-Imagine Oliver Street" is an ongoing LCDC initiative, which is a resident driven community development approach. This initiative began in 2015 with two open forums for residents. At these well attended meetings, residents had the opportunity to share their needs and wants for the future of this corridor. LCDC will use all of the collected information for future development of the corridor. In addition, LCDC has organized many activities through the Re-Imagine Oliver Street initiative including street clean ups and the formation of an Oliver Street Merchants Association. 

The Oliver Street Merchants Association has been instrumental in the revialization of Oliver Street. This group, made up of local business owners, have joined forces to focus their efforts on community consensus building and street beautification. Some of their recent projects include raising funds to purchase 26 "Welcome to Oliver Street" banners. In addition, the Oliver Street Merchants Association has made great strides with their "North Tonawanda Cash Mob" events. A Cash Mob is a grassroots event where a large group of people assemble at a local business on a set date and time to make a positive impact on local merchants, have a good time and help spread public awareness about a great local vendor. Previous Cash Mob locations have included; Witter's Pub, Half Moon Bay, Platter's Chocolates, Dom Polski Social Club, Sherwood Florist, Active Hose, Project 308 Art Gallery and the Soup Lady at the 412 Diner. Keep up to date with future Cash Mob events and other news by following the Oliver Street Merchants Association on Facebook.