Business community in North Tonawanda gaining 'Momentum'

Business community in North Tonawanda gaining 'Momentum'

NORTH TONAWANDA, N.Y.(WKBW) - The Lumber City Development Corporation has started an initiative called North Tonawanda Momentum. 

Executive Director, Michael Zimmerman said the goal is to attract more businesses to the Lumber City. 

“We have waterfront all around us. All of this property in and around the waterfront is unique development opportunities,” Zimmerman said. 

Developers are looking at the potentials of North Tonawanda. Dozens of apartment units are being built on the waterfront on River Road. Developers are also turning an old abandon building in the 200 block of Main Street into office space. Already downtown space is filled with businesses. 


“And that’s why we’ve working on development projects to make more space available for new businesses to come down here,” Zimmerman said. 

Lisa Langer owns River Art Gallery & Gifts in North Tonawanda. She said her business has been going strong on Webster Street for more than 10 years. 

“It’s delightful. It has that small town feel. But, boy it has the best of what a big city would have in it,” Longer said. 

She said the business community’s vision is the same. They want to make North Tonawanda a regional destination. 


"LCDC is one of the stars that shine the brightest out of the departments in North Tonawanda! They are vocal about opportunities that they have for funding and are knowledgeable about whether your business will qualify or not. [Laura] is always available as a resource and a guide. Every dollar and cent makes a big difference to the cash flow of a small business and LCDC understands that. Laura was able to get us in contact with another grant opportunity which changed the trajectory of our business plan for the better. Simply put, we would not be where we are now in just (almost) 5 years of being open if it wasn’t for the hard work of everyone involved with LCDC."

~Gabrielle Richards, Jason Richards, and Judith Mittiga, owners of The Vegan Grocery Store

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